Slackware 13.37 released

It’s true! Slackware 13.37 has been released. Nearly a year in the making, you will appreciate the performance and stability that can only come with careful and rigorous testing. Slackware 13.37 uses the Linux kernel (hence our new $SLACKWARE_VERSION.$KERNEL_VERSION naming system used for this release ;-), and also ships with kernels for those who want to run the latest (and also includes configuration files for and 2.6.39-rc4). The long-awaited Firefox 4.0 web browser is included, the X Window System has been upgraded (and includes the open source nouveau driver for nVidia cards). The venerable Slackware installer has been improved as well, with support for installing to btrfs (for those who would like to try a new copy on write filesystem), a one-package-per-line display mode option, and alienBOB’s big surprise: an easy to set up PXE install server that runs right off the DVD! (anuntul oficial)

Acum se instaleaza pe un laptop. Testam, testam 🙂 Nu cred ca voi avea “suprize” neplacute pentru ca slack ruleaza fin 😀

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  1. E lansat de prin aprilie. Drăguț, stabil da’ leneșu’ din mine prea s-a învățat cu debian-style-ul… Tu parcă erai redhat-er (just a pun there)…

  2. Ola’ bro!
    Da’ lenesu din mine dabia acu s-a uitat la ei pe site, de curiozitate.. gen…
    Eram cu RH cand era versiunea 6… :))

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